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Sectional Steel Door Models 216 & 220

  • Optional polystyrene insulation, R-Value=7.64

  • 16 or 20 Gauge Steel Sections

  • Max Width 28’2”

  • Shiplap Joint Profile

  • Smooth flush exterior with white finish  

Designed to Meet the Needs of the Most Rugged Applications

Key Product Features:

The Wayne Dalton 216 & 220 steel sectional doors feature heavy-duty 16-gauge construction built to withstand severe weather, brutal use, and exposure to security hazards. Optional insulation consists of 1 9/16" expanded polystyrene which provides an R-value of up to 7.64 and a U-value as low as 0.13.

Sectional Steel Door Model 2411, insulated or non-insulated

  • Optional polystyrene insulation, R-Value*=7.64

  • Nominal 24 Gauge Ribbed Steel Sections

  • Max Width 20’2”

  • Shiplap Joint Profile

  • Embossed stucco finish with deep and shallow ribs 

Strong, Competitively Priced Doors for Moderate Commercial Applications

Key Product Features:

The Wayne Dalton 2411 Steel Sectional Door is designed to provide commercial strength at a very competitive price. The embossed exterior skin features a stucco finish to enhance the buildings appearance, while C-shaped vertical stiles on the doors interior provide added strength and allow quick, secure hinge attachment. End stiles wrap around the exterior of each section to protect the section face from wear caused by the door jambs.


Sectional Steel Door Model 2415, insulated or non-insulated

  • Optional polystyrene insulation, R-Value*=7.64

  • 24 Gauge Ribbed Steel Sections

  • Max Width 32’2”

  • Shiplap Joint Profile

  • Smooth exterior with deep and shallow ribs in white or brown

Strong Steel Doors for Moderate to Heavy-Duty Commercial Applications

Key Product Features:

The Wayne Dalton 2415 steel sectional doors feature heavy-duty 16-gauge vertical interior end stiles and 20-gauge center stiles for increased strength. The C-shaped stiles, secured with No. 8 screws and adhesive, have pre-located, extruded holes for quick, secure mounting of hinges. The 2415 offers a ribbed exterior skin that also helps to increase strength while enhancing the buildings visual appearance. End stiles wrap around the exterior of each section to protect the section face from wear caused by the door jambs. .

overheadsectstealdoors4 overheadsectstealdoors5

Full View Aluminum Door Model 451 & 452

  • Multiple insulated & non-insulated glazing options

  • Maximum 16’2” W x 16'1" H

  • 1 3/8” Section Thickness

  • Available in Anodized and Powder Coat Finishes

  • Angled Edge Frame 

Sectional Doors that Offer Maximum Light and Visibility

Key Product Features:

Glazed is held in place with aluminum molding and sealed with butyl glazing tape, the Model 451 & 452 Aluminum Full View is ideal for applications up to 16'2" x 16'1". Acrylic (Plexiglass) or polycarbonate (Lexan) panels, in thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/4" can be substituted for DSB glass.


Commercial Electric Door Operators

Available in a variety of models & options, your door choice should always include an electric opener. Ranging from medium duty commercial to industrial duty with NEMA rated enclosures for any application; electric operators add durability, efficiency & safety to your door.



Wayne Dalton Rolling Doors have a long history of excellence in the design and construction of doors that have met and often exceeded the needs and expectations of even the most critical projects. With numerous innovations created and experience acquired over the years, Wayne Dalton continues to lead all other manufacturers with both standard and custom-made doors from a variety of materials and colors to meet almost any need. So whether it's enormous Titan rolling doors, protective FireStar rolling steel fire doors, ventilated Secur-Vent doors, or secure Accordion-Folding Grilles, you can feel confident that with Wayne Dalton's many years of knowledge and experience, you will get the best possible solution for your building application needs.

Thermotite™ Insulated Rolling Doors Improve Thermal Efficiency

Key Product Features:

  • Polyurethane insulation, R-Value = 7.7

  • Standard Max Width 42’*

  • Standard Max Height 30’

  • Max Steel Gauge = 18

  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction

  • Wind load 20 PSF standard; options up to 55 PSF

  • *Larger sizes may be available.   


Options & Accessories :

  • Polyurethane insulation, R-Value = 7.7

  • Standard Max Width 42’*

  • Standard Max Height 30’

  • Max Steel Gauge = 18

  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction

  • Wind load 20 PSF standard; options up to 55 PSF

  • *Larger sizes may be available.  

Rolling Service Door Model 800 & 900 non-insulated

Rolling Doors To Meet Your Most Demanding And Rigorous Applications

Key Product Features:

Options & Accessories :

  • Standard Max Width 40’

  • Standard Max Height 40’*

  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction

  • Heavy-Duty 2 or 3” flat or curved slats

  • Wind load 20 PSF standard; options up to 55 PSF

  • *Larger sizes may be available.  

  • Secur-Vent® perforated slats

  • Vision slat

  • Open fenestration slat

  • Over-sized Titan™ for large door application such as hangar door (up to 70’ wide)

  • High Wind load

  • Articulating Windlocks for Operational Windload

  • Brush Seal for Curtain, Lintel Brush, and Hood Baffle

  • Manual Chain Hoist

  • Motor Operator

  • Bottom Bar Sensing Edges

  • Anti-Drop Devices (including Wayne Dalton's Proprietary DSD - Drop Stop Device, and Brake Devices)

  • Exhaust Ports

  • Sloping Bottom Bars

  • Mullions

  • Optional powder coat finish

  • Pass Door 


High Traffic Solution with Lasting Durability

Key Product Features:

Options & Accessories :

  • Max. Standard Width: 20'

  • Max. Standard Height: 20'

  • Control Panel: Electronic VFD*

  • Controller with microprocessor

  • 800 Curtain: 3" flat slats, powder coat (gray, beige, white)

  • 22 ga. steel with alternating endlocks.

800C Curtain Pattern: 3" insulated flat slats (#34 profile), hardened powder coat (gray, beige, white) 22 ga. steel front / 24 ga. steel backer with alternating endlocks. R-value of 7.7; Sound Transmission Class rating of 22.

  • Flat insulated or non-insulated slat profile in a variety of gauges.

  • Vision/ventilation: 5"x3/4" open fenestration; 5"x3/4" acrylic vision lite.

  • Perimeter seals: surface guide weatherstrip, angled guide brush seal, exterior lintel weather seal, interior weather baffle, high usage guide weatherstrip (do not select if wind load is required).

  • Wind load: minimum of +/- 20 psf up to +/- 55 psf; options available to meet up to Dade County – Florida Building Commission High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

  • Custom color options.

  • Actuators: Loop detectors, radio control, push buttons, motion detectors and pull cords.


Designed to Maximize Security, Visibility, and Ventilation

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Max Width 42'

  • Standard Max Height 20’

  • Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel construction

  • Variety of grille patterns and finishes

  • EES Emergency Egress option  

Model 600EES Emergency Egress Option:

Access-Controlled Egress Security with Fail-Safe Automatic Opening

The Wayne Dalton emergency egress grille provides secure access to public areas, yet will automatically open fully upon detection of an alarm or power failure. This prevents entrapment in the event of an emergency and allows immediate access to emergency personnel. The emergency egress grille is ideal for schools, hospitals, and office buildings, or other applications that require different levels of access at various times.


Materials & Construction:

  • Standard features include 5/16” galvanized steel horizontal rods, continuous from jamb to jamb, and covered with aluminum tubes. Vertical links are aluminum. End links ensure that the grille cannot be pulled from guides. 

  • The bottom bar is a tubular aluminum extrusion, fitted with nylon end caps which act as bearing surfaces. 

  • Optional cylinder lock assembly in bottom bar activates concealed 3/8” steel tamperproof lock rods. Lock uses standard mortise cylinder, and is also available with an optional removable core. Center locks available up to 25' wide.  

  • Aluminum grille patterns are available in clear, mill, or bronze anodized finishes. Optional materials are #304 finished stainless steel and galvanized steel.  

  • Powder coating is available in over 180 colors. Powder coating is a dry finishing process in which finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the electrically grounded parts of rolling doors. These charged particles adhere to the rolling door parts until they melt and fuse into a solid coating in a curing oven. The result is a finish that radiates beauty and smoothness for an aesthetically pleasing grille.

  • Operation can be manual push-up, chain, crank, or motor-operated. Door mounting can be self-supporting, using structural tubes, or directly to the building structure.

  • Counterbalance assembly consists of a spring barrel which serves as a load-carrying beam. It encases the counterbalance mechanism and provides the axis around which the curtain coils. (Deflection is limited to 0.033" per lineal foot of span.) If required, barrel rings of malleable iron or stamped steel may be provided to assure proper counterbalance. Oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs are wound from heat-treated steel, providing accuracy in balancing the door. Barrel plugs connect ends of springs to barrel and tension rod. Tension rod of steel shafting holds fixed ends of springs and carries torsional load of spring counterbalance.

  • Spring tension adjusting wheel is normally mounted outside the bracket on end of tension rod. Inside adjusting wheel for tight side-room applications is available in limited sizes.

  • Optional hood cover encloses curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism and is made to match the grille finish.

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Max Width No Limit

  • Standard Max Height 14’

  • Aluminum construction

  • Wide variety of patterns


Secure Full Closure Designs

Grille Styles


7/8" Brick


3/4" Perforated


8 7/8" polycarbonated

Product Information

  • Pocket – Includes the storage pocket complete with an aluminum pocket door and adjustable height, installation is a breeze. Available in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Finish – Durable clear anodized finish on exposed aluminum surfaces. Optional colors available

  • Posts – Many ways to secure the curtain with a wide variety of locking posts.

  • Track – The durable hardened track allows for smooth operation. Optional curves and custom curves available.

  • Egress – Emergency egress fire exit is available to meet fire code regulations.

  • Cylinders – Locking posts supplied with 1" mortise cylinder can be easily changed onsite. Optional SFIC housing and cores available.

FireStar® Rolling Fire Door Model 700 & 700C 

Non-insulated & insulated Fire Doors Provide Protection and Thermal Efficiency (700C)


Key Product Features:

  • Insulated Steel, R-Value = 5.0

  • Standard Max Width 24’

  • Standard Max Height 24’

  • UL or FM Rated

  • Patented planetary gear design

  • Conforms to NFPA Standard 80

  • Easy drop-test and floor resettable

Options & Accessories:

  • Fire Door Release System

  • Horns and Strobes

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Vision FireLites

  • Chain Hoist, Crank or Motor Operation

  • Thru-Wall Operation

  • Bottom Bar Sensing Edges

  • Optional Powder Coat finish  

A Revolutionary Counter Shutter that Provides Fire Protection

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Max Width 16’

  • Standard Max Height 9’

  • Max Steel Gauge = 20

  • UL or FM Rated; Conforms to NFPA Standard 80

  • Easily tested and reset

  • Non-tension release

  • Options & Accessories:

  • Available in Steel (Model 540) or stainless steel (Model 550)

  • SmokeTite™ UL-Labeled smoke and draft control package.

  • Mounted face-of-wall or between-jambs

Options & Accessories:

  • Available in Steel (Model 540) or stainless steel (Model 550)

  • SmokeTite™ UL-Labeled smoke and draft control package.

  • Mounted against face-of-wall or between-jambs for all operation types.

  • Single fusible link cable routing. Available with left-hand or right-hand operation.

  • Fire Door Release System


Safety: The FireStar® door can be drop tested easily and reset in seconds; no tools or service technicians required. These tests can be done in addition to the required annual inspection by a trained technician. By self-testing throughout the year, you can be even more confident that the door will function safely in the event of fire. The drop-out mechanism is designed to eliminate down time during drop testing while the viscous governor technology results in smoother, quieter door operation.


Reliability: The revolutionary FireStar® design uses a patent-pending planetary gear on the drop-out mechanism ensuring years of reliable service and drop-out performance. Factory tested and approved for a minimum of 20,000 cycles, the FireStar® door can be used and/or tested on a regular basis. FireStar® fire doors have been tested and approved to meet the requirements of well-known agencies, such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual, and conform to NFPA Standard 80.


Simplicity: Wayne Dalton incorporates one standardized component design for all FireStar® doors regardless of size, and utilizes fewer parts than other models. This helps to ensure more accurate installations and reduces the possibility of potential service calls in the future. As an added benefit, eliminating one of the fusible link cables helps the door and surrounding area look cleaner and less cluttered. It also reduces the risk of cable interference with other nearby fixtures.

Our shutters are built for long-lasting good looks and performance. Whether you choose a curtain of  galvanized steel, stainless steel , aluminum  or wood, you will receive a shutter door that is both durable and attractive.

Exceptional Security and Aesthetics

  • Alum, Galv Steel, or Stainless Steel

  • Standard Max Width 15’

  • Standard Max Height 7’*

  • 2” Flat slats

  • Lift Up, Crank or Motor Operation

Key Product Features:

Options & Accessories:

  • Powder Coat Finish

  • Slide Locks

  • Cylinder Locks

  • Center Locking

  • Counter Cutouts

  • Mullion Systems

  • Sensing Edges

  • Secur-Vent® Perforated Slats

  • Fascias

  • Integral Frame Units


Attractive, Handcrafted Wood in a Variety of Wood Species

  • Standard Max Width 12’

  • Standard Max Height 8’

  • Unfinished wood slats: 1 3/4" (16mm) h x 1/2" (13mm) thick

  • Wide variety of wood

Key Product Features:

Handcrafted from Fine Woods: Our wood counter shutter slats, guides and optional hood are fabricated of hand-selected wood. Red oak is standard, but you can select from Douglas fir, white oak, birch, and exotic wood species, or a material that you specify. Shutters are provided unfinished, allowing you to match the shutter to established design elements. The result is a counter shutter that complements the interior aesthetics in a variety of applications.


Solid Construction: Our wood counter shutters are constructed of high-quality flat slats for a good tight fit and enhanced aesthetics. The counterbalance assembly features adjustable helical torsion springs for longer life. An OEM limited warranty — as well as our network of Wayne Dalton dealers — ensures expert installation and dependable service over the life of the shutter.


Customize With Options: Several options are available to further customize our wood counter shutters to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements. In addition to the choice of wood species, you can specify an optional hood. Crank operation or motor operation are also available as options, and the optional cylinder locks enhance security.


Quality, Convenience, and Durability

  • Standard Max Width 12’ 4"

  • Standard Max Height 6'

  • Steel, stainless steel, or aluminum

  • Easy installation

Key Product Features:


These doors feature all-steel 16-gauge frames, fascia and hood, as well as 14-gauge sills. Bottom bars, lift handles and slide bolts are fabricated of aluminum, stainless or steel with vinyl astragals for added durability.

A strong and Durable Roll Up Sheet Door

  • Standard Max Width 16’

  • Standard Max Height 16’

  • 26 gauge steel

  • Slide Bolt or Curtain Lock


Key Product Features:

  • Loading docks, outbuildings and large storage facilities are typical uses for the attractive appearance, sturdy construction, and long service life of DS-200 doors.

  • DS-200 roll-up doors are available in round or square profiles. The continuous curtains are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, and then finished with silicone polyester paint for beauty and durability. Installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick, and simple — no special preparation, no overhead tracks.

  • Steel slide-bolt assemblies at each bottom corner secure the closed door from inside. For added protection, the slide-bolts also accept padlocks. A sliding curtain lock also is available for securing the door from outside.

  • Corrugated top sheet assembly forms a strong torque cylinder for strength and easy operation, and conceals the spring mechanism.

  • Corrugated door curtain, available in round or square profile, is hot-dipped, galvanized 26-Ga. steel, primed then finished with high gloss silicone polyester paint.

  • Polypropylene anti-wear strips come factory-installed as continuous guides for sliding metal parts, providing quieter operation and longer service life.

  • Axle casting assembly holds constant door tension, and allows easy adjustments. Heavy-duty steel bracket plates rigidly support axle, spring and door.

  • Drum wheel is deep-drawn galvanized steel with 1-5/16" steel bearings.

  • Bottom bar assembly includes heavy-duty steel angle, extruded aluminum bottom bar and replaceable tubular-type vinyl astragal.

  • Slide-bolt assemblies made of heavy-duty steel lock the closed door from inside at the bottom corners. For added security, both Slide bolts accept padlocks. An exterior sliding curtain lock also is available.

  • Roll-up door guides are 14-Ga. galvanized steel, 2" wide. DS-200 guides install to masonry, steel or wood construction equally well.

  • Automatic door stops prevent door from rolling up past the header.

  • Tempered steel springs are engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operation and long service life. Both springs are clip-welded to the axle for correct location and extension.

  • Heavy-duty steel axle supports door curtain and counterbalance system.  

Product Information:

  • Direct Drive Chain Hoist for door sizes up to 12' x 12'

  • Viewlights (non-insulated doors only) - allows occupants see outside without opening the door

  • 4:1 reduced drive chain hoist for door sizes up to 12'1" x 16'

  • Door insulation featuring two layers of aluminum mylar film laminated to two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene air-bubble material.  An R-value of 4 helps control heat gain/loss.  Includes flexible vinyl top and side draft stops as weather seals between the door and the building.

  • Electric operator kit adapts any door ro motorized operation

  • Steel mounting plates provide lateral extension of jambs

  • Cam-action spring tensioning device allows easy adjustment of spring tension

  • Heavy duty guide - 13 gauge galvanized G section and 8 gauge galvanized wall angle attached to wood steel or masonry jambs



A Strong, Smooth, Working Door


Product Information:

  • Our attractive counter shutters harmonize with virtually any building decor while protecting property from pilferage and unauthorized entry.

  • DS-50 Roll-Up Counter Shutters are available in round or square profiles. The continuous curtains are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel, and then finished with silicone polyester paint for beauty and durability.

  • Stepped rings allow tight, uniform curtain wrap and minimize headroom requirements

  • Steel slide-bolt assemblies at each inside bottom corner secure the shutter in its fully closed position. Both slide-bolts also accept padlocks. A sliding mini curtain lock also is available for securing the shutter from outside.

  • Oil-tempered steel spring is engineered to counterbalance different door sizes and weights for smooth, easy operations

  • Standard Max Width 12’

  • Standard Max Height 6’

  • 26 gauge steel

  • Slide Bolt or Curtain Lock

Key Product Features:

Color Options:


The Teal, Maroon, and Purple colors have a 10 year warranty against chalk and fade. All other door colors have a 20 year warranty against chalk and fade.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to variations in computer monitors, such as resolution and color settings, this standard color chart should only be used as a general guide.



The Speed-Master® Series of doors are designed for interior or exterior door openings

Bulldog Tough Components, Operational Simplicity and Dependable Performance

The Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco is equipped with heavy duty 12 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel guide tracks and a standard built in light grid.  The front covers conveniently open for ease in re-setting the door when required.  Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment at the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells.  The low-profile track dimensions of 7-1/4" wide x 4-1/2" projection enable the Eco to fit into areas with limited clearance.

Built-In Light Grid and Removable Covers

The Eco's panel is constructed of 58 oz./sq. yd., anti-static, puncture resistant, nylon-reinforced PVC material, one full-width vision area made of clear PVC is standard, and heavy duty interlocking aluminum hinge profiles located above and below the vision area to provide panel stability.  The sectional panel design allows for easy replacement of materials if needed after a hit.  A variety of panel colors are available to accommodate any color scheme:  Pure Orange RAL 2004, Gentian Blue RAL 5010, Zinc Yellow RAL 1018, Carmine Red RAL 3002, Agate Gray RAL 7038, Pure White RAL 9010.

Sectional Design With 58 oz. Panel Material


Speed Guardian 4000

Speed-Guardian™ Series 4000 U - Urethane galvanized steel sections / Versatile track applications / Insulated Duratec windows.

Roll Up Steel Doors Provide Maximum Insulation, Superior Safety and Ultimate Speed

The Speed Guardian™ roll up steel doors leave nothing to be desired for modern business operations. If offers everything from security and safety to energy-efficiency and comfort.


The 1-5/8" thick door panel made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, provides a durable and lasting surface.  A urethane core with an R-value of 13.6 and U-value < 0.5 (U-value of core and steel skin) provides optimum insulation, reduces loss of conditioned air and contributes to energy savings.  Synthetic panel connectors provide an extremely smooth and quiet door operation.

Urethane Panel Sections

The standard light grid is integral with the guide tracks making it less susceptible to damage by passing loads.  This system enhances protection of personnel and goods and drastically reduces the likelihood of damage and repair to other parts of the door, saving on maintenance costs.

Built-in Light Grid

The Duratec® insulated windows are coated with a special finish which prevents marks and scratches caused by cleaning, and retain clear view after many cleanings.  The synthetic double panes provide good thermal insulation while being fully transparent.  The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U door is available with a complete vision panel, designed for the pleasing aesthetic appeal some applications require.

Exclusive Duratec® Insulated Windows

hispeeddoors6 hispeeddoors7 hispeeddoors8 moderco-logo-en operablewalls1

Moderco is an International manufacturer & supplier of operable walls (air walls), accordion doors, folding partitions & glass walls. Their moveable acoustic sight dividers have been used around the world for over 40 years to divide meeting space in educational, religious, hospitality & convention center facilities.


A multitude of wall & panel designs, configurations, sound rating (STC) and options ensures ease of movement, system durability & quick set up. Several flat wall systems and features come with limited life time warranties.

The Moderco 700 series offers a technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing design. It uses a unique welded steel frame that permits all substrates (skins), both tackable and steel to be welded to the frame. It never requires substrates or skins to be glued or mechanically attached to the frame. This construction provides a durable, unitized panel that will last for years of rugged use.

700 Series-Single & Paired Panels

Durability is the basis of our Signature and design. All our Panels are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The unique combination of our frame and various available substrates ensures a panel that will last for years in your application.

Signature 800-Single, Paired Panels & Electric

Combines the tested acoustic qualities of a solid operable wall with visual transparency. Allows the user to, when desired, physically divide space acoustically but maintain openness and a comfortable environment. And if privacy is required, operable blinds within the Crystal wall may be remotely opened and closed. Each panel is relocated independently with operable top and base seals securely locking individual panels in place. You can even combine Crystal glass panels with solid Signature panels for the best of both worlds.

Crystal-Acoustic Glass Wall

Created by Moderco our electrically operated Gymdoor is the most practical way to divide gymnasiums, auditoriums or any application where manual partitions are not practical and durability is a major consideration. The Gymdoor is engineered & designed to last in the most extreme applications and backed by the longest warranty in the industry. Powered by a high strength pre-stressed aircraft cable and always a single motor it is designed to keep on working.

GymDoor-Electric Wall

Gymfold divider curtains reliably divide space with the turn of a single key switch. The retracting fold up operation is accomplished by the use of high strength pre-stressed aircraft cable and motors. All curtains are fabricated using reinforced high strength vinyl in various combinations such as all vinyl, mesh on the upper portion and vinyl on the lower and even dual (side by side) curtains providing some acoustic control. Curtains are also available in a walk-draw non electric) design.

GymWall-Gym Curtain

Individually custom built and built to last. Rather than a loose fitting vinyl secured by buttons to an internal frame Unifold utilizes a laminated multilayer solid cover attached to an internal pantograph. The skin is rigid and resistant to punctures, cuts and high abuse. But if cover replacement is required the solid cover may be replaced on site in total or in portions. Available in acoustic values up to STC 44. A good but not necessarily less expensive alternative to conventional flat wall systems.

Unifold-Accordion Door

operablewalls2 operablewalls3 operablewalls4 operablewalls5 operablewalls6 operablewalls7 mcguire_logo

McGuire, A Division of Systems, Inc, manufacturers a complete line of loading dock equipment including hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical levelers, seals and shelters, safety vehicle restraints and accessories. You can completely outfit your entire loading dock area with McGuire’s comprehensive line of loading dock equipment.


  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical pit-type levelers

  • Barrier lip hydraulic and pneumatic levelers

  • Hydraulic and mechanical edge-of-docks

  • Vertical storing levelers

  • Custom designs 

Dock Levelers

  • HOLD-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint

  • TPR™ automatic vehicle restraint

  • STOP-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint

  • STOP-TITE® manual vehicle restraint

Safety Vehicle Restraints

  • Fixed and adjustable head seals

  • Fixed and flexible frame shelters

  • Special seals for unique applications

Seals and Shelters

dockequipment1 dockequipment2 dockequipment3

An Industry Leader for more than 40 years, customers have relied on McGuire to deliver safe and efficient loading dock equipment. McGuire continues to develop new products and designs to address an ever changing landscape in building design, end-user requirements and dock safety regulations. McGuire’s commitment to customers includes a goal to provide customers with safe and efficient loading dock equipment at an affordable delivered and installed price. McGuire is dedicated to developing the most innovative material handling solutions through research, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of the finest loading dock equipment available.

  • Horns and Strobes

  • Smoke Detectors

  • Vision FireLites

  • Lift Up, Crank or Motor Operation

  • Bottom Bar Sensing Edges

  • Optional Powder Coat Finish

Built to Last

Our integral frame counter shutters are constructed of high-quality flat slats for a good tight fit and enhanced aesthetics. The counterbalance assembly features adjustable helical torsion springs for longer life. An OEM limited warranty — as well as our network of Wayne Dalton dealers — ensures expert installation and dependable service over the life of the shutter.


An Attractive and Smart Solution

Interlocking slats with a flat profile provide an attractive and tight fit, while endlocks on alternative slats eliminate lateral movement and maintain curtain alignment. The adjustable counterbalance assembly features helical torsion springs in a steel tube or pipe barrel, presenting a clean, finished look.

If a fire-rated door is required, check out Wayne Dalton’s  FireStar® fire doors, including counter fire doors and shutters. 

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Garage Door Operators is a leading supplier of premium commercial products in Beckley, WV, Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in high-quality overhead coiling & sectional doors, garage door openers, high speed doors, operable walls & dock equipment for commercial customers in every industry. Since 1973, we have been a trusted source for dependable sales, installation & service.  


At GDO, we offer a wide range of products & services for commercial, industrial & institutional clients. Every job is skillfully managed & professionally installed so that you always get a high-performance solution for your application. Whether you are interested in high-speed doors, operable walls, dock equipment, sectional overhead or rolling service doors, we can supply you with the highest quality products & installation available.  


Quality Commercial Garage Doors & Systems


Our technicians combine product training & years of experience so that you can be sure every product we install or service is done using factory standards & the latest technology. Our goal from your first phone call to the final install is to go above and beyond your expectations by giving you quality products and services at competitive prices. Contact us to discuss your application today!


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